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Is It Time To Face Your Eczema?

Suni Lee performing a gymnastics skill

Suni Lee, U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist - Gymnastics

Suni Lee is a three-time U.S. Olympic medalist in gymnastics. She won the all around gold medal at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, where she also took home silver in the team competition and bronze on the uneven bars.

The first Hmong-American Olympian, Suni is the first woman of Asian descent and first Asian American woman to win the Olympic all-around title for Team USA.

Suni Lee's interest in gymnastics started at a young age, watching Team USA highlights on repeat and tumbling off couches. When Suni's mom finally got tired of her doing flips on her bed, she joined gymnastics classes and never looked back.

Gymnastics is Suni's safe place, and she says her parents' support played a critical role in her success both in and out of the gym. Her road to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 was filled with mental and physical challenges, but she credits her parents letting her follow her dreams and their unending support as a huge factor in her accomplishments.

Suni is a member of the Hmong community in St. Paul, Minnesota. That support system is a huge part of her gymnastics journey, having raised money for her to attend competitions at points in her career. The Hmong community is small but close knit, and Suni loves that so many people come up to her and say she is their hero and inspiration. However, people only see what you put on TV, and the pressure to represent the Hmong community is something Suni takes incredibly seriously.

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